Everything revolves around the Centre

The selection of location is of central importance while investing in real estate.

The Gwadar Central, as the name suggests, is a housing project located right in the centre of Gwadar.

It’s a luxurious and amenity-rich housing project approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

The Gwadar Central is located in the category “A” of “Gwadar Master Plan” which ensures preferential development and is an indication of the premium real estate in the city.

The Gwadar Central is supremely located at the junction of three main arteries i.e.:

Coastal Highway - 280 Feet Wide National Highway
Sarawan Avenue - 150 Feet Wide Structure Road
& Buleda Avenue - 150 Feet Wide Structure Road.

This one-of-a-kind project is situated just 1 kilometer from Jinnah Avenue (300 Feet Wide), which is the main commercial boulevard and hub of Gwadar.

Distances of The Gwadar Central from key locations:

• Jinnah avenue the main commercial hub of Gwadar: 1 Km
• Industrial zone: 1.5 km
• Zero point: 3.5 km
• Gwadar Institute of technology: 4 Km
• Gwadar International airport: 4.5 km
• Chinese Duty free zone: 8 km

The Centre of Life
At The Gwadar Central we cater to all the modern amenities which lie at the heart of comfortable living.

The Gwadar Central has allocated dedicated and centrally located large areas for Schools and Educational Institutions which will cater to the needs of modern students. We are already in touch with the top educational institutions for the establishment of educational facilities there.

The Gwadar Central will feature a Modern Hospital at a central location. The hospital will provide 24 hour services with world-class healthcare facilities and personal attention to each patient.

We understand that real living can’t be complete without being in contact with nature. The Gwadar Central will have ample playgrounds and parks for the physical development and relaxation of our residents. We have strived to provide extra areas for parks, gardens, playgrounds, and green belts.

The centre of all our religious activities is the mosque. At The Gwadar Central, like all worldly aspects, we have taken care of this spiritual obligation as well. The Gwadar Central will feature a beautifully designed Air-conditioned Mosque.

Shopping & Entertainment Areas
When we talk of a top-notch housing society, shopping and entertainment areas are a must. At The Gwadar Central, this is one of our major priorities. The society will feature shopping arcade, restaurants, cinema halls, and indoor play areas for kids and adults.

Community Club & Sports Complex
Life is incomplete without healthy physical and mental activities. For this purpose, The Gwadar Central will offer its residents with a community club and a sports complex.

24 hour State-of-the-art security protocol & surveillance system
A 24-hour state-of-the-art security protocol and surveillance system will ensure that the residents of The Gwadar Central live in a completely secure environment and have an absolute peace of mind.

The Centre of your Future

Upcoming Projects:

Central Business district
The Gwadar Central will feature a business district located at the juncture of three main structural roads of Gwadar namely; Coastal Highway (280 feet wide), Buleda Avenue (150 Feet), and Sarawan avenue (150 Feet). This business district will comprise of high-rise commercial buildings along with apartment complexes and modern shopping centers. Spacious and modern townhouses equipped with all the upscale amenities will be built around this business district. These Projects will help companies establish their operations in the centre of Gwadar and the heart of The Gwadar Central.

New Life Apartments
Designed according to latest international standards, New Life apartments will offer premium high-rise living spaces at affordable prices. Overlooking lush-green strolling parks and new vistas, these apartments will redefine luxury living standards in Pakistan.

Central Townhouses
Townhouses will be built around the commercial district to serve clients who prefer a more spacious luxury lifestyle. These houses will be built for the tomorrow’s global citizen on the model of high-end gated communities.