The Centre of Attention


Real estate prices which have risen 2 to 4 fold on average are climbing on a weekly basis (Saad Arshad, the Pakistan Managing Director of online real estate market place

Land prices, a barometer that measures investor confidence, has more than doubled in the past two years. (Dostain Jamaldini, Gwadar Port Authority Chairman)

Gwadar, another Dubai is emerging on World’s map, will change the economic scenario of not only Pakistan but whole of the region. (Xinhua, Chinese News agency)

Gwadar will emerge as the economic hub of the country and the region after execution of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. (Siraj Mohammad Khan, Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce)

Beijing would utilise all available resources for making Gwadar port the best port in the region. (Chinese Consul General in Karachi, Ma Yaou)

Attracting a mere 5% of China's international cargo volume to Gwadar could earn up to US$6bn for the trucking, freight forwarding and warehousing sectors, creating 9,000 new enterprises and 400,000 jobs along the way. (Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Gwadar certainly offers real promise of significant economic windfalls, even if they are difficult to quantify precisely this early in its evolution. (The Economist)